The best food, how many have you eaten?

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No matter who they are, they will be attracted by delicious food, which shows how charming the food is. Walking on the streets of historical sites and eating local specialties and snacks, have you ever imagined that the ancients also walked on this road eating delicious food? My favorite is the course of history, because it is so interesting to have close contact with the ancients, and even indirect dialogue with the ancients. Many people especially like to travel everywhere, not only for fun, delicious, but also beautiful buildings and scenery. Have you ever wondered, when you are in Vienna, Austria, have you ever thought about the piano played by the famous music master Beethoven here? When you see the food on the street, have you ever tasted it? The editor will take everyone to fly around the world to taste local delicacies.

First course: croissant

French cuisine has always been the most memorable delicacy, and every delicacy is the result of the chef’s careful preparation. But among these mouth-watering foods, croissants are the favorite. Croissants are fresh in the memory because of its unique shape. The combination of flour and butter, the collision of humidity and temperature, and the fusion of environment and geography have created a unique French croissant in the world. Tear the prepared croissant gently, and the tangy aroma will flow straight into your nose, and you can see the tight and empty bread inside the croissant. Take a bite, and the full mouthful of bread smell will leave the lingering fragrance.

The second course: Pastia stuffing

Pastia filling pie is a delicious snack in Morocco. It is mainly made of poultry, onions, almonds, sugar and other ingredients, plus various seasonings to make fillings, and then baked into a golden and crisp shape . When you smell this meatloaf, your appetite will open up, and you will especially want to have a good meal. When you eat pasta pie, you will feel comfortable and full of energy. This is the beauty of pasta pie.

The third course: blue mussels fries

Blue mussel fries is a delicacy invented by the Belgians hundreds of years ago. Although chefs from many countries now cook all these dishes, the taste is not as good as that made by Belgians. This delicacy uses mussel meat on top of meat sauce, and then eats it with French fries. The fusion of the two delicacies makes this delicacy impeccable. Cook the mussels in cold water, stir-fry the vegetables and peppers with butter, then add thyme to taste, put the prepared vegetables into the mussels, pour in the French green fennel wine to taste, and then French fries to make everything The combination of good dishes makes this blue mussel fries.

Fourth course: Tacos

The tacos you’ve seen or eaten are probably fried tacos with lettuce, tomato and cheese. But what I want to talk about today is a Mexican taco, which is simple and delicious. Put the minced meat, onion and coriander on the top of the finished taco, and add a little orange juice at the end. The tempting taco is ready. Take a bite and the mouthful aroma makes you want to stop.

The delicious food abroad not only allows you to enjoy the food of this country, but also allows you to have a certain understanding of the customs and customs of this country through the food. These will expand your horizons because of the food, why not do it .

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