Minecraft Mod APK

This is a role-playing game. In this dungeon world, players need to follow the development of the story, explore nine randomly generated map levels, rescue specific characters or defeat mini-boss.

Minecraft PE Beta and Original Free


Minecraft is known as the most popular pixel game in the world. At first, the world of the game did not look exciting at all, but this is a free world, in this world, you can create anything, including the environment in the game, here, you are God. In this game, it seems that you only need to do two operations: construction and destruction, but is that the case? Can you use the various cornerstones provided in the game to create miraculous buildings and even complexes? Let’s travel my world together.


The game is loved by hundreds of millions of players. Players can take adventures alone or side by side with friends to explore randomly generated worlds and create amazing miracles. Load rich component resources, you can customize your game world freely, and open any gameplay you want. Everything you want to play is available here. Get your friends to join the adventurer family and start a new chapter of creation anytime, anywhere!


There are no restrictions on levels and rules, no prescribed gameplay, only arbitrary destruction and unconstrained creation! You can become a master builder! Create houses, buildings, castles, cities…you can live a happy rural life! Grow flowers and crops, raise a group of cute animals…you can enjoy the glory of warriors! Lead your friends to the center of the earth to challenge the lord of the world… can be the creator of the world! Create volcanoes, floods, and technology to change the world… Finally, you can share your world with other friends and have fun together.


You can catch all new fish, including puffer fish, tropical fish, cod, salmon…put them in the bucket!

Take the trident into the depths of the ocean and give it special abilities!

Explore the nine oceanic biomes: they are full of kelp, icebergs, blue ice, coral, sea grass and the famous sea pickles!


Improved animation-now you can swim, and you really look like you are swimming!

Find underwater canyons and caves, discover shipwrecks and ruins!

You can find treasure maps, treasure chests, buried treasures, and even the heart of the sea!


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