Known as the Korean version of “Martha”! New Kia K7 exposed, more beautiful than Asian Dragon, with V6 engine

August 10, 2020 by No Comments

Nowadays, models with attractive looks are becoming younger and more popular with consumers. Young and dynamic designs have led the development of the automotive market. When it comes to models with attractive looks, we have to talk about Korean cars, which are the most individual and alternative in the domestic auto market. Korean cars have played a large role in the development of the automobile industry. The advanced design concept and dynamic and radical style have won the recognition of young consumers. With the advent of the current generation trend, Korean car companies can say that they have seized this opportunity very well and launched a variety of new generation cars, such as the new Kia K5, the new Sonata, the new Elantra, etc. are the focus of everyone’s attention, and today What we are talking about is a brand new Korean flagship model-the new Kia K7.

Regarding the Kia K7, the name is familiar. It comes from the same series as Kia K5 and K3, but it is rarely seen in China. As a flagship model that has been imported into China, it is named and named in China. It was not the Kia K7, but the Kaizun. At that time, the performance of the Kaizun in China did not meet expectations. The high price was difficult to compete with competing models of the same level. Eventually, it was forced to stop production and delist due to poor sales. It was not until this year. With the news of the new Kia K7 entering China, the new car is currently close to mass production and is expected to enter the country in 2021. As for whether it will enter China in domestic or imported form, there is currently no clear news.

Judging from the actual photos taken overseas, the new Kia K7 adopts the latest design language of the family. The shape of the front face is very brand-recognizable. The tiger-style air intake grille is very radical and exaggerated, and the concave vertical waterfall grille is built. Out of Maserati’s sense of sight, it is called the Korean version of “Masha” by netizens. It looks very tall and tall. The light sets on both sides increase the front face. The narrow and sharp shape is matched with the internal LED light source. The blessing brings a visual impact; the side design is very dynamic, the through-type double waist line extends to the taillights, stretches the horizontal visual effect, looks very slender, the lines are smooth and the proportions are coordinated, and the slip-back tail is The shadow of a coupe is created, and the rhythm is very strong.

Judging from the size of the overseas version, the new Kia K7 has a length, width, and height of 4995/1870/1470mm and a wheelbase of 2855mm. It is positioned as a B+ class car. Therefore, the main competitors are Asian Dragon, Taurus and other models. Very spacious.

As for the interior, the overall style design is not as young and dynamic as the appearance. The business-oriented design creates a good sense of grade and technology. The layout of the panel is simple and stylish. The soft leather package is very textured and a small amount of chrome plating. The addition of decorative strips has played a very good decorative role, combined with the new atmosphere lights, adding a bit of fashion, and mainstream configurations such as large-size LCD central control screen, LCD instruments, aircraft gear levers and knob buttons are reflected , Looks very advanced, really a bit of the shadow of a luxury car.

From the perspective of power, the new Kia K7 is equipped with a V6 large displacement naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 290 horsepower and a peak torque of 343Nm. In terms of transmission power, it is matched with an 8AT gearbox and is also equipped with A hybrid system of oil and electricity was established. This hybrid system is very efficient in terms of fuel economy and fuel consumption. More importantly, it meets the National VI emission standards. As for the price, the price of the new Kia K7 will be similar to that of the Asian Dragon and Taurus, and is expected to start at around 200,000. If imported into China, the price will be higher than this price. Do you expect such a brand new Kia K7?

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