It is said that hybrid power is fuel-efficient, but is it really saving from buying to maintaining?

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At present, the most mature hybrid power systems on the market belong to the products under the two brands, i-MMD hybrid power systems on Accord and Lingpai models, and THS-II hybrid power systems on Levin and Camry. In the southern market, especially in Guangdong, the relatively high market position of Japanese brands, coupled with the fact that the Cantonese are obsessed with the cost of vehicles to the point where they are almost “stingy”, have made hybrid electric vehicles popular in Guangdong.

According to the car sales data in June, the total sales of Accord models were 21,100, of which the 2.0L hybrid sales were 4,479, accounting for 21.2% of the total sales. Excluding the higher pricing factors of the Accord hybrid version, the ability to account for 1/5 of the model’s sales indicates that the hybrid still has a relatively high acceptance in the market.

I have also seen many netizens in the comments asking how to choose hybrid and fuel models. Then we will compare Camry’s car purchase cost and car cost to see if hybrid power is worthwhile for consumers to buy in the original car. Add tens of thousands to the budget.

The Camry model provides three sets of power solutions: 2.0L/2.5L fuel version and 2.5L dual engine version. Taking into account the lower trading volume and market retention of the 2.5L fuel version, the comparison targets are from the 2.0L fuel version and Choose from the 2.5L hybrid version.

According to the sales introduction, the Camry 2.0G Deluxe Edition (Guide Price: 195,800) and 2.5HG Deluxe Edition (Guide Price: 239,800) are the two best-selling models in the Fuel Edition and the Dual Engine Edition respectively. In fact, the guide price alone is enough to see the difference in the price of the two cars, and combined with the actual landing prices such as insurance, the two Camrys already have a price gap of 43,700 in the initial purchase expenses.

The most important aspect of vehicle cost is vehicle fuel consumption. In terms of vehicle fuel consumption performance, Toyota has always been a master of Toyota. Thanks to the 40% maximum thermal efficiency of this 2.0L engine, the measured overall fuel consumption of the vehicle is 8.1L/100km.

Toyota’s THS-II hybrid is one of the most mature gasoline-electric hybrid systems on the market, and its working logic is very different from Honda’s i-MMD. Although it is possible to achieve pure electric drive and hybrid electric drive at low speeds and accelerations, Toyota’s hybrid power cannot achieve the pure engine drive mode like Honda’s under high-speed conditions. Although the driving experience is not as fun and rich as Honda’s experience, the hybrid drive of the motor and engine under different driving conditions does give Toyota’s hybrid models a lower fuel consumption level. After actual testing, the Accord Hybrid The fuel consumption of the dynamic version is 5.6L/100km, while the Camry dual engine can reach 5.4L/100km.

Based on the calculation of the two vehicles driving 20000km per year, the annual fuel cost of the Camry 2.0L is 9,234 yuan, and the annual fuel cost of the 2.5L dual-engine version is 6,156 yuan. The same mileage, the Camry dual-engine version can be compared with fuel per month The version saves about 250 yuan in fuel costs. In terms of fuel costs alone, the Camry Dual Engine Edition does have a stronger economy.

In terms of car maintenance, the maintenance items of the Camry 2.0L fuel version and the Shuangqing version are basically the same. According to the maintenance manual, it is recommended to go to the store for the first warranty at 5000km, and the follow-up maintenance cycle is 10,000km one warranty, and the maintenance cost for 3 years down to 60,000km It is 3178 yuan. After reaching 80,000km, there will be a relatively comprehensive maintenance. The air filter element, air conditioning filter element, brake oil, gasoline filter, etc. have reached the replacement cycle, and the maintenance cost is close to 1,400 yuan.

However, some consumers may be worried about the loss of the battery pack of the dual-engine model. However, the loss of the battery pack within 5 years is very small, and Toyota also provides an unlimited life/unlimited mileage battery warranty. The greatest centering pill of engine owners.

Finally came the question that many people are most concerned about with the fuel version and hybrid version of the same model, that is, the higher price of the hybrid model itself, can it offset the difference in fuel consumption brought by the subsequent fuel version.

Judging from the total cost of a year for the Camry 2.0L version and the 2.5L dual-engine version, the fuel consumption advantage of the dual-engine version really saves a lot of expenditure in terms of overall vehicle costs. A total of 191 yuan is saved per month. In one year, the dual engine version will save 2288 yuan in total vehicle expenditures than the fuel version.

Although the lower fuel consumption of the dual engine version does save the daily expenses of the vehicle, the dual engine version itself has a price difference of 43,700 higher than the fuel version. Even if we separately calculate the expenses saved on gas money in the later period, the difference between the two prices in order to regain gas money will almost reach more than 200,000 kilometers. Of course, this is only an idealized algorithm. After all, the overall oil price is still at a low level. When the oil price returns to 6 yuan/liter or even higher in the future, the difference in vehicle cost caused by the fuel-saving performance of the dual engine version will also be Relatively more obvious.

As far as Camry is concerned, the 2.0L fuel version itself already has lower fuel consumption performance and cheap enough car maintenance costs. Assuming you don’t have much pursuit of power, the performance of the 2.0L engine is basically no problem for daily driving. And if your budget is more difficult to get hybrid power, in fact, you don’t need to know the high price and low fuel consumption of the Camry Dual Engine. It is also no problem to directly choose the 2.0L fuel version. And if your budget reaches 250,000 or even higher, the Camry Shuangqing is indeed a good choice for buying a car without considering the B+ Asian Dragon.

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