Five ways of thinking that benefit a lot, the more exciting the later

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No matter if you are thinking and logically chaotic and want to improve your expressive skills, or you want to improve your learning ability and work efficiency through some thinking training.

Please cheer up. As long as 8 minutes, I am confident to change your life and subvert your thinking and cognition.

I have accumulated the essence of my past few years, and the content is the most grounded and practical dry goods. If you always think about the question not comprehensively, sometimes you have a lot of things you want to say but you can’t express it, and you usually forget things, then this answer is the best rescue guide for you.

One, five ways of thinking that benefit a lot, the more core they are in the future 1. Structured thinking.

Take a look at the following set of letters. Can you remember their order in 3 seconds?


Believe that most people can’t remember it in a short time, so let’s take a look at the letters below.


You see, is it a lot easier, just a glance, you can easily remember these 8 letters.

In fact, these two sets of letters are the same, and the principle that allows the brain to remember is actually very simple: (1) The brain is easy to remember regular and ordered things.

(2) In line with our brain habits. The structuring mentioned above is to organize things into a framework, categorize them, and integrate them in an orderly manner.

Thinking is the same. Structured helps us analyze things, remember things, and process things.

A Rubik’s Cube has a total of more than 100 billion changes. If you restore the six sides of the Rubik’s Cube, every step of the rotation is very important. But if you don’t know the structure of the Rubik’s Cube and find the law of change, the possibility of restoration is not only small. , The time will be longer. When you go to the supermarket to buy things, do you still want to buy it when you see a pile of different types of goods in front of you?

It is not only troublesome but also troublesome. Buying products requires one by one to distinguish and choose. Conversely, a supermarket neatly displays products, and each product is placed in the corresponding category. Will there be more desire to buy?

Not only that, this approach is also conducive to the management of merchants, purchase inspection becomes fast and orderly, which greatly saves merchants’ time, and the application of structured thinking can be seen everywhere in life. This is the most basic structured thinking, and complete structured thinking is a process of thinking and execution.

Below I share a set of methods that can better train structured thinking:

(1) Analysis target. What is the purpose of analyzing what you are doing, and are there multiple purposes?

Usually when you do something, you must first understand your goals. Here is a very interesting question: you work for your boss, and the boss sets performance for you. The question is, is your job to accomplish the performance goal or make money? purpose?

This question is actually not difficult to answer. We disassemble it through structured thinking: the primary purpose of work is to make money and enrich oneself. The boss formulates performance for company development and cost. On the surface, there is a parent-child relationship between making money and performance. In order to get a higher salary, many people stopped analyzing.

In fact, you can continue to expand. From the work level, whether you change to a performance-based or non-performance job, or freelance, the ultimate ultimate goal is to make money, so in fact, it is to achieve the purpose of making money rather than performance goals. Performance goals are only constraints. One of the factors. While analyzing the target, it is necessary to consider whether the target is feasible.

The daydream of “making tens of billions in a day” everyone wants to do, but no one can complete it. When the goal cannot be completed, it becomes a “pseudo target”, and all efforts towards the “pseudo target” are useless.

(2) Resource analysis. After determining the goal, you must start to organize the resources you can use. For example, if you want to open a convenience store, what are the advantages of the place you want to choose, whether there are channels for rent reduction, where to buy cheap, etc., these are conducive to Yours are all useful resources, and you should apply them to your convenience.

(3) Make a plan. The previous analysis is to prepare for the plan, and the core of structured thinking is to make a plan. The plan must be executable, and it is best to have a concrete execution list, and order each item in an orderly and reasonable order. Usually we organize files, use Evernote, keep accounts, mind maps, etc. are all applications of structured thinking in life.

In general, the biggest impact of structured thinking on your life is to improve efficiency and help you handle things efficiently.

For example, deep thinking and good use of fragmented time can greatly improve work efficiency. I used to spend 5 or 6 hours every time I write an article of more than 2000 words. Later, I learned about mind mapping and time management. Writing an article can save 3 hours and do many things more efficiently. If you I also want to make good use of the fragmented time to learn mind mapping. I will share with you the materials and tutorials I have collected during the two years of study. I believe that we can handle the fragmented time and do things more efficiently.

Systematic thinking. If a computer suddenly cannot be turned on, you will not be able to find the reason from the mouse, because it has no direct connection with the shutdown event.

If the computer fails, it is not necessarily a problem with the software system. When I can’t turn on the computer, I first think about all the factors related to booting, such as whether the power is cut off, whether the motherboard is broken, whether the software has a virus… all these connections are composed It is a system that allows the computer to run. As long as a problem occurs in one of the links, it will affect a certain module of the entire computer.

This example is given to facilitate everyone’s understanding. Systematic thinking is global thinking. It is like a big tree, with its branches connected to each other. The biggest difference between it and structure is whether it can form a whole. Qian Xuesen believes: “A system is an organic whole with a specific function, which is a combination of interacting and interdependent components, and this organic whole is a part of the larger system to which it belongs.

“In general, the most critical part of the system is “interaction.” For example, if a repairman wants to repair a computer, he does not take it apart when he finds a problem, but first asks what is wrong with the computer. , What is the state of the computer at the time of the failure, what virus software has been installed, and when the cause is found, he will repair it symptomatically. The repairman makes full use of systematic thinking to analyze the computer’s failure, such as what is related to the black screen and cannot be charged. What did electricity have to do with, he closely linked the components for analysis, and quickly found the real cause of the failure.

Let me give you another chestnut: if you see a good answer on the website and click like, you can see more good content. This analysis using systematic thinking is like this: your likes have been recognized by the respondents, so that everyone has the motivation to continue to create, and there will be more high-quality answers on the website.

And when you like this answer, the website will recommend similar high-quality answers to you, allowing you to see more good content. This is the “interaction” of systemic thinking. All this shows that the various branches of systematic thinking analysis are “inseparable”. Once you are familiar with the application of systematic thinking, you will be able to solve the problems in life with ease.

3. Break the stereotyped thinking. From birth, we have been affected by our living environment. Over time, our thinking will have inertia. This inertia is also set thinking. Faced with the negative effects of set thinking, we can only use breakthrough thinking to stand out. We often use our past experience, knowledge, and cognition to look at new things and new environments. That’s why we have the metaphor of “carving a boat for a sword” and “walking in Handan”. Stereotyped thinking creates a database for us to let the brain know what to do in what kind of environment, which has a positive effect of thinking restraint, but also makes people risk wrong perception.

Under the same objective conditions, when the same problem is encountered again, people will still solve it in the same way. The advantages of stereotyped thinking are the disadvantages, because the objective factors in our real life will change. For example, if you go to the store to eat on Friday and find that there are many seats in the store, you think there are not many people in the store, but you go there on Saturday. , The shop is full of people.

The same shop, the same time, and the same people go to dinner, but they have different results. The inertia of thinking allows your brain to make judgments based on original factors, causing misjudgments. However, if you make a mistake in your thinking and judgment, your brain will change your behavior accordingly. Take the example above. You have visited a lot of people this time. Before you leave next time, you will think of a lot of people in the store on Saturday. Go ahead and make an appointment in line. At this time, the misjudgment of this store in your brain will happen. Changed. How to reduce the occurrence of misjudgments by stereotyped thinking?

(1) Cultivate a strong thirst for knowledge. As the saying goes, seeing is not necessarily believing. What you see may be just a mirage. Only when you study what you see can you discover its truth. Only oneself can limit people, and spiritual needs are the basis for the desire for knowledge. Therefore, when dealing with one thing, inspiring our creative desire to learn, and thinking deeply, the things in front of us will not be an endless ocean.

(2) Give yourself a pair of wings for imagination. When we were young, we often fantasized about Ma Liang’s magic pen, a white horse galloping in the sky, and becoming a superman to save the world. It’s nothing bad. At that time, we were actually creating a story, imagining the world invaded by aliens, imagining the world. Desolation under the apocalypse…These imaginations are the way and process of training our creative thinking. People are most afraid of not thinking about it, but only by developing their imagination can we break the barriers of stereotyped thinking. When you are in embarrassment or can’t find a direction, you only need to use breaking thinking to overthrow and start again, and your path will be bright again.

4. Use your brain to control emotions. Everything in the world has double-edged edges, especially for emotions. Good use is heaven; bad use is hell. Pleasant emotions can enrich people’s physical strength and energy, can form a kind of motivation, make people full of confidence in everything, encourage people to work hard, and promote work. Negative emotions will weaken people’s physical strength and energy, and make people easily feel tired, lack of energy, and low interest at work. Why mention emotions in the way of thinking answer? Because emotions, thoughts, and bodies are in one body, emotions affect thinking, and thinking can also change emotions. Just like the Marxist philosophical principle said: matter determines consciousness, and consciousness reacts to matter. They exist and do not conflict with each other. How important is the way of thinking to emotions?

(1) The way of thinking determines one’s own emotions. In the real world, a negative emotion may make you fall into the abyss. The previous Chongqing bus crashing accident is a living example. A woman broke the rules and fought with the driver. Two people who could not control their emotions brought 15 lively lives. It can be seen how emotional out of control is. terrible. The reason for the accident is still due to the immaturity of the way of thinking. The woman not only stubbornly got off the bus despite the danger, but also beat the driver. This is a solidified thinking and extremely stupid. The driver lacks systematic thinking and does not fully realize that she is a bus The core of normal driving, even if you have to fight back, you must stop the car before arguing.

(2) The way of thinking affects the emotions of others. Your way of thinking controls your words and deeds, and your words and deeds will also affect the people around you. For example, if you swear to others for no reason, the first reaction of others is that you are unfriendly to him, and his emotions are immediately affected by you. Impact. Therefore, when we face complex social interactions, it is particularly useful to be cautious in words and deeds. In fact, reading can also improve thinking and cognition and change emotions. When you read more books, have something in your head, and ink in your belly, you will naturally become confident, and your self-cultivation and character will also change as your cognition improves. I suggest that everyone, whether ancient or modern, Chinese or foreign, or literary history books, you can read a lot and continue to read. When you read to a certain level, your own speech and behavior will naturally make people feel comfortable. It may be useless to read a book, but it is necessary to persist in reading. I was often complained by my friends before that I was not confident enough. Later I persisted in reading some books and gained some accumulation. After seeing me again, my friends felt like they had changed. Say I look very energetic and confident now.

If you also want to improve your character and cultivation through reading, I will share with you all the good books I have read in the past few years. One is to reduce your time to find good books, and the other is to make you change quickly. The way of thinking, I hope that after you get the book list, you must act and stick to it. I believe that after you finish reading, you will make great progress.

Empathy. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you can see farther; standing on the other side’s angle, you can see more clearly. Empathy is a way of thinking about people’s thinking and dealing with interpersonal communication. The purpose of my training is to exercise my interpersonal skills. People have a stereotype, and they may have a fixed view of that person by only meeting one time or a certain action. On the podium, the lecturer suddenly left the venue when he was talking about wonderful things. The audience underneath instantly began to make a noise, saying that he did not respect people and had no professional ethics. Most of the audience left the venue one after another and said that they would never come again. After a few minutes, the lecturer’s assistant came out to explain the real situation and apologized to the audience that he could listen to the lecture for free next time. It turned out that the lecturer had a myocardial infarction at that time and there was no opportunity to explain the situation to the audience, as long as he was one minute late. If he stepped down, his life was lost. This action of the lecturer left a bad stereotype for the audience, which made the relationship between the audience and the lecturer change from admirer to opponent.

Therefore, people’s natural suspicion needs to be compensated by empathy. If the audience was willing to wait and understand at the time, they would not even hear an explanation. Empathy is what I think for you, you think for me, mutual understanding promotes the deepening of the relationship. Finally, I want to say that empathy is a very effective way of thinking in dealing with interpersonal relationships. As shown in the picture above, everyone may see different things and angles. Disputes that do not know the truth result in mutual misunderstandings and disintegration of relationships. .

If you look at the other side from the perspective of the other person, the truth is clear, and if you see both 6 and 9, the misunderstanding between the two will be solved. The reason is very simple. Just like you think from my perspective, I will feel guilty for not helping others after writing an answer with hard work, but from the reader’s perspective, the reader will give me a thumbs up, yes Because of identification, I feel valuable.

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